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Micropiles are one of the largest growing segments in Deep Foundations today. Also known as "Pin piles" or "Minipiles", Micropiles are small diameter high capacity pipe piles. They are typically specified in short threaded lengths and installed through various drilling techniques. The addition of grout and threaded bar reinforce the pile in lateral, tensile, and compressive loading.


Depending on pile diameter and soil conditions, Micropiles can extend to depths of 200’ and exceed design loads of 400 kips. The threaded lengths are suited for low access and retrofit applications. In addition, drilled installation methods are being used in new construction where surrounding structures might be sensitive to vibration.

In 2007, L.B. Foster had a tension test was done on 9-5/8" x .545" high strength casing, threaded male x female with a 2.5" long 4TPI thread, a thread we commonly apply to micropiles unless other patterns are requested.

Mohr Engineering took three threaded 3ft sections, assembled and torqued to 9,000 ft-lbs, and performed a tension test to failure.
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