Combi-Wall Products

Combi-wall systems are comprised of two main sections: steel sheet pile and a king pile. The king pile may be either a steel beam or pipe pile. Pipe piling systems are only limited to manufacturing and jobsite restrictions.


L.B. Foster combi-walls are an efficient way to achieve high section modulus for those structures which require strength which exceeds that available from traditional sheet pile sections. By utilizing king piles, typically of wide flange or pipe pile, in conjunction with steel pile and extruded connectors to connect these together, the contractor can achieve an efficient cost effective system.


The king pile will be driven to a depth necessary to achieve the required passive toe resistance then steel sheet pile can be supplied in shorter lengths to act simply as a barrier for the soils or grade separation that is being constructed. This shorter sheets result in an overall reduction in steel required as well as less driving time.


L.B. Foster utilizes the "Wider, Lighter, Stronger” PZC™ sections produced by Gerdau which enable us to space the king pile farther apart due to the laying width of the efficient PZC sections, therefore requiring less installation time.


L.B. Foster Piling is ready to supply the largest assortment of hot rolled Z sheet pile in the market today with the appropriate king pile section to meet your construction requirements.
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Top Hat Combination Wall System

L.B. Foster is dedicated to offering the most efficient and cost effective combination wall systems to fit the needs of the construction industry. In addition to what most would consider to be traditional combination wall systems such as wide flange combination walls, pipe combination walls and pipe-to-pipe walls, we are pleased to introduce a new entry to this segment of the market.

The Top Hat Combination Wall System uses specialized Hat-type sheet pile and domestic wide flange beams (W-Shapes).

Through our longstanding relationship with Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) in Japan, as well as their U.S. Representatives at Mitsui & Company USA, we are proud to introduce the Top Hat Combination Wall System. This system has been developed by NSSMC in Japan but we will utilize U.S. supplied wide flange beams and use them in conjunction with the Nippon NS-SP-10H and NS-SP-25H sheet pile to provide a combination wall system which will eliminate the need of extruded or rolled connectors and may often eliminate the need to drive separately the King Pile then the Intermediate Sheet Pile.

The following mini-catalog outlines the Top Hat Combination Wall System and will serve as an introduction of the system to the U.S. Market.

Top Hat Combination Wall System PDF