PZC Sheet pile


Z Sheet Pile

Z sections are considered one of the most efficient piles available today. Having the interlocks located at the outer fibers of the wall, assures the designer of their published section modulus.

Z-Piles are commonly used for Cantilevered, Tied-Back, King Pile and Combi-Wall retaining systems. Additional applications also include load bearing bridge abutments.

Domestically produced by Gerdau and delivered by L.B. Foster.

L.B. Foster Piling and Gerdau work together as strategic partners to provide the cost savings of innovative PZC sheet piling to customers throughout North America.
• wider sections maximize production
• lighter sections minimize required steel
• stronger sections increase strength per pound
• superior bola ed acomplamiento de candado  interlock
PZC™ is a trademark of Gerdau.

PZC Sheet Pile Technical Data PDF

Steel Sheet Piling Products

Steel sheet piling is a manufactured construction product with a mechanical connection "interlock" at both ends of the section. These mechanical connections interlock with one another to form a continuous wall of sheet piling. Steel sheet pile applications are typically designed to create a rigid barrier for earth and water, while resisting the lateral pressures of those bending forces. The shape or geometry of a section lends to the structural strength. In addition, the soil in which the section is driven has numerous mechanical properties that can affect the performance.


Steel sheet piling is classified in two construction applications, permanent and temporary. A permanent application is "stay-in-place" where the sheet piling wall is driven and remains in the ground. A temporary application provides access and safety for construction in a confined area. Once the work is completed, the sheet piling is removed.